SKPFamily Helpline Centre is a one spot support point positioned at all Saurashtra Kadva Patidar Samajs across India and Globe that offers matrimonial related services from family interaction to matchmaking and till wedding connectivity. This community based services is the first of its kind in the world and attempts to revolutionize the otherwise transformed, un-trusted, unstructured and fragmented matrimonial Accelerating step of life. All centres are connected and directed centrally by the portal.

SKPFamily-Live deals with current updating about awards and achievements, service updates, inspiring success stories, trends in match-making, and tips for members for effective match-making. It also has an 'Ask Your Query' section where renowned counsellors will answer readers' queries. This is a medium for the entire SKP Family to talk about what we are doing, and for you to tell us what you think and require. This forum also extends the expert advice and suggestions for better and everlasting wedding experiences & relationships to be inculcate. This forum may also be referred for post-marital issues and challenges faced by the couples. provides companionship & social networking facilities to its registered members. It helps its own family members to discover new alliances, interests and relationships in a socially enhancing way. It expects to reach over 1million members who would use the platform to share, interact and connect with like-minded people &create within family a strong network.